Since 1989, API-Remedica has been dedicated to the research and development of propolis-based natural health products. Through our work, we have developed methods to extract the antimicrobial properties from honey bee propolis, and produce active ingredients that are effective in combating bacteria, fungi and viruses. Our purified propolis extract can be easily incorporated into health foods, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.

Dr. Zenon Sosnowski

Through the work carried out over the past 40 years by Dr. Zenon Sosnowski, MSc. PhD., our products have been extensively researched to ensure effectiveness against pathogens, hypoallergenic properties, excellent toxicology study results in humans, and consistency in production. Dr. Sosnowski has placed great emphasis in his research upon the effectiveness of propolis products in fighting some diseases such as herpes (in cold sores), and has been met with a great deal of success, as can be seen in cold sore treatment products featuring purified propolis extract.